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Monday, November 17, 2014

Key Business and IT Drivers to Eliminate Your Internal Fax Infrastructure

This white paper will provide key information for decision makers, both business and technology executives, about the challenges associated with maintaining an internal fax infrastructure vs. the numerous benefits associated with utilizing an IaaS cloud-based service strategy for their mission critical fax communications.


PlanetOne has added the Retarus line of cloud-based professional messaging services to its portfolio.
With this partnership, PlanetOne agents now may sell fax, SMS, email and EDI solutions that require no hardware or software, and that work with any interface, such as VoIP, SIP and UC&C products...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are You Afraid of the Hidden Costs of Cloud Computing?

In a study from Compuware Corporation from December 2012, 468 CIO’s from Asia, Europe and the US stated that they considered potential hidden costs of a cloud implementation to be a major concern. The areas considered possible problems include performance bottlenecks, poor end-user experience, reduced brand perception, high maintenance and loss of revenue due to performance problems.

Though concerns about hidden costs have been explored before, it’s important to revisit how these perceptions are developed and the conditions under which they may or may not be true.
Hidden costs can come from subscription feeds, system setup and training among other areas. Also, depending on the fee structure, increased usage may be tiered higher, leaving a company with an unplanned expense.

Ask Questions, Solve for the Variables

As in all business ventures, planning is a crucial first step. Knowing what you’re solving for and the variables involved in how you’ll reach your goals can be the difference between being positioned for success or failure. Work with your cloud provider to look at different scenarios involving market changes, service level agreements and other factors that can affect your implementation. If your goals can be met within expense parameters, then variations in expenses can be tolerated. If not, either rework your goals or find a different path.

Not all Cloud Solutions are Equal

Companies need to differentiate between the types of cloud implementations they are considering implementing, and the goals for each. Replacing an entire data center with a PaaS offering could have higher costs and risk than more straight forward SaaS services. However, if the benefits of using a cloud platform create additional sales or market opportunities, then they may be worth any additional costs.

SaaS platforms often come in a pay-for-use format and offer little if any cost risk outside of your internal governance; knowing how much your using and how and by whom it’s being used.

Retarus’ cloud fax and SMS messaging services offer just that type of solution, including detailed real-time reporting that allow you to monitor usage and thereby alleviate the concern of unexpected costs. Retarus will also work with you on planning your system and help you every step of the way. Call or email us today at212-504-2978 or

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Holiday 2013 Messaging Planning

It’s the time of year for swimming, picnics and lazy vacations. It’s also the time of year for planning your 2013 holiday season. With holiday creep growing every year, most companies continue are starting their planning and marketing efforts earlier.

Things to consider when kicking off your holiday planning:

  • Revisit 2012 sales reports to see what products produced the highest margins and the lowest returns.
  • Research your target markets for changes and look for new markets to approach.
  • Competitive research to determine what moves or products your competitors may have announced during the 1st two quarters of the year.
  • Update contact lists to insure you have the correct information for all suppliers, customers and sales channels.

Plan your communications strategy based upon your successes and failures from past holiday seasons. Which outreach worked the best for you?

Covering these basics can help you kick off your holiday season with the secure feeling that you’ve covered all your bases.

Aligning Your Messaging Strategy for Success

Once you've reviewed the reports, researched your market landscape and completed your competitive research, it’s time to build your messaging strategy.

With ecommerce and online reviews poised to have an even greater effect this season on last minute shopping, being able to get out timely communications becomes more critical than ever.
Combining email, fax and SMS messaging assures you’ll reach your customer vendor and customers quickly and efficiently no matter where they are.

Taking it to the Next Level with the Cloud

Cloud messaging services allow you to quickly tie in the legacy systems that house all your contact information with customer and inventory information. Together with real-time reporting and unlimited elasticity, you can quickly react to last minute market needs without the worry of having enough capacity or internal resources. Mission accomplished.

Retarus WebExpress offers you all these messaging capabilities; email, fax & SMS, plus the backing of one the largest and most experienced cloud messaging services in the world.

Find out how we can help you plan a successful holiday season. Contact us today at 212-504-2978 or

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Case for Email Archiving Outsourcing

Emails are one of the biggest drains on corporate storage systems.  Business needs increasingly involve sending very large files via email, sometimes upward of 10MB and larger. This has two major effects on businesses; 1) it quickly puts users at the end of their email storage allotment, and 2) it creates a situation where these same users start deleting or archiving their mails on their PC’s.  This not only creates a problem for the users, but a problem for the corporation.

Legal Requirements

The challenges go beyond the need for additional storage space. Legal Requirements are a main reason companies need to archive their email requiring an even larger strain on IT staff and facilities. E-Discovery, the ability to discover documents during trial discovery stages may yield important information. Retrieving this information from email for litigation can be a difficult and challenging endeavor.


If deleted or stored on a client’s PC, email documents can be easily lost or otherwise compromised due to accident or natural disaster. The ability to house these electronic documents in an outside facility allows a corporation to not only save space and man hours, but also has the benefits of redundancy and added levels of security.

Cloud Based Solutions

Companies can archive emails internally, but this also puts a burden on IT, and the need for more storage space, security expertise, reporting requirements and strict privacy policies.  Using a cloud based email archiving however, offers the same benefits as cloud based messaging

  • Unlimited capacity
  • On demand reporting
  • Pay for use
  • Security for both physical plant and cyber attacks
  • Extensive spam and virus testing
  • Strict privacy policies
Though many of these tasks can be accomplished in-house, the resources to keep up with the latest advances can be challenging. Taking advantages of a service dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest technologies and compliance issues saves your company time and money.

Retarus offers email archiving and retrieval to companies worldwide.  Call or email one of our experts to find out how we can help your company meet its email archiving and retrieval needs.

What's your biggest email problem? Contact us today at 212-504-2978 or

Friday, July 19, 2013

Retarus Managed E-Mail Service now available in the US

Email has been an essential part of the business world for over 25 years. In today’s  business environment backing up, archiving and retrieving these critical business documents has become more than a nice-to-have, it’s become a legal and business necessity.

That’s why Retarus has added managed email services to its portfolio for customers in the United States.
With our global expertise, Retarus keeps you compliant with international laws including SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Act) in the United States and European fiscal laws,  freeing you up to worry about business goals instead of constantly changing legislation.

Secure, Fast and Managed

Secure archiving of emails and attachments in encrypted form using personal keys that only you have access too. Users get access to their own archives with a single sign-on if they are logged into their desktop PC and are in the company directory. Administrators can access email using the dual-control principal which requires two individuals to be authenticated simultaneously, protecting any one person from having access to personal data.

retrieval is no small task when sifting through the tens of thousands of emails a mid-sized company can produce in a week. Retarus Managed E-Mail Service can search through 75 million emails in an average of only 5.1 milliseconds. Searches can be filtered by users, keyword, sender, recipient, attachment or time period.

by Retarus means you have the peace of mind that no matter how many emails you need to archive the system will automatically scale to meet your needs. With our own secure server facilities located on four different continents you can be assured that your data is not only managed to meet global security and privacy standards, but is safer from natural disasters and outages.

Companies have trusted Retarus with their messaging needs for over 20 years. Now you can have that same comfort with our email archiving and retrieval services.  

For more information contact us via email at or call us at 201-268-5950.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Secret Key to Cloud Success

With the overuse of the term cloud in today’s enterprise market it seems that everyone who has an externally based solution is stamping cloud on it. Why do companies move to the cloud? fast startup & lower costs are often reasons companies note when making a case to move to a cloud solution. Often these companies will claim great savings over managing the same software, hardware or platform internally; but is savings alone the best or only reason to make the jump?

The “Cheaper in the” Cloud Myth

Cloud solutions are perceived as being less expensive because of the low start-up, reduced overhead and pay for what you use model. Although these are certainly key benefits, they don’t tell the whole story. In some cases running your service internally could be cheaper over the long run or even from the start. But cheaper should not always be the deciding factor.

The Overlooked Cloud Success Factor

One of the key factors that make a move to the cloud successful is agility. When running a cloud based operation, you have the ability to start, stop, expand, shrink and adapt to dynamic market conditions. The global environment that healthcare, manufacturing and banking services live in, move at startling speeds and impacted by constant changes in the political and business climates.. IT not only needs to know about the technical aspects of their business, but all the external factors that come in to play that can collectively change their business environment overnight.

A carefully chosen cloud partner can help alleviate these worries by providing not only world class services and platforms, but knowledge that can help keep your systems and services ahead of the competition. It is easier for a company dedicated to supplying a service on a global stage to keep track of the latest technology and compliance issues than it is for a single IT group.

Working together with the right cloud partner means you’ll have not only the agility to move faster than you could on your own, but move in the right direction.

Retarus has been helping healthcare, manufacturing and banking enterprises move their global messaging services in the right direction for over 20 years. To find out how we can help you, call us at 201-268-5950 or email us today at